Thursday, November 30, 2006

The moustache appeal

A Liverpool fan called BOBRED has recenlty observed that succesful Liverpool squads have always featured lots of players with moustaches. Drawing inspiration from BOBRED, The Red Kop is launching a campaign for more moustaches.

Leave a message here, even just your name, and we will treat this as a petition. When we have a suitable quanitty of names a copy of the page will be sent to the Rafa Benitez and he will almost certainly cave in and order the players to grow taches.

If we have any hopes of winning the league, it's time to take action!

I think the least the squad can do is grow some taches for us. Give us a laugh if they can't give us three points.

I think a few taches and we would easily be in the top four. If half the squad had taches we could finish second. If the whole squad had taches, we could easily win the league.

And just think - if Crouch had a tache he could use it to brush Shaun Wright Phillips hair when we play Chelsea.

So sign now. There is no other choice.

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Great Stuff Signed