Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Dann, Cahill or Shawcross

We've been linked with all three of these relatively young English centre backs recently. But which one would you prefer?

For me it would be Dann, were I choosing only from these three. At only 23 he still has the potential to be a top class international centre back in a couple of years.

In contrast, I would say the extra couple of years of experience that Shawcross and Cahill have mean that their full potential is likely to be closer to where they are now; very good players but not on the level of a Carra, Terry, Vidic or Ferdinand (when they were at their peaks).

Or would you prefer to sign a foreign centre back? Sakho is very highly rated and even younger than Cahill.
Or no centre backs at all? Have we got enough in the form of Carragher, Skrtel, Agger, Kyrgiakos, Wilson, Kelly and Ayala?

I think Agger will leave the club also - I suspect that something is not right behind the scenes, whether it's his relationship with the manager, his ability to ultimately settle in the area or even the crazy rumors that flew around a year or so ago.

I think Skrtel is an ideal third choice centre back. Probably not that highly paid, compared to some others, and very good but not quite great.

Carra and Kyrgiakos will both be retired, or in the case of the latter - sold, within two seasons as they get too old for the Premiership. I for one would love to see Carra join the boot room.

Perhaps with all this in mind the solution of Dann and Cahill isn't as crazy as it seems!

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