Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sheikh on it - Liverpool FC set for investment

Rafa Benitez will "hit the jackpot" after Sheikh Mohammed opened takeover talks with Liverpool

Rafa Benitez will get cash for a spending spree if Dubai International Capital complete their £450million Liverpool takeover

Liverpool are set to come under the control of Sheik Mohammed, the world's fifth-richest man

Rafa Benitez will be given funds to challenge Chelsea and Manchester United when the formalities of Liverpool's £450million takeover by Sheikh Maktoum are completed

On balance then, there is only one story haunting the sports pages about Liverpool FC today. Do you think it's right or wrong for Liverpool to fall into foreign ownership?

For me, I believe that a moderate regime would be best. Historically, Liverpool FC spends about £25M a year on players. Upping that to, say, £35M a year would please me. We don't want to buy the premiership, we don't want to turn into Chavski. However, we do need investment for new players and investment for the new stadium. I approach the whole thing with cautious optimism.

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